Is it just me or did you feel this 2017 storm season was unusually harsh? Houston had Harvey, Florida had Maria and Puerto Rico got hit twice. And that is just American states and territories. Thanks to early warning systems they had time to prepare. In 1900 Galveston had no such warning. If you were listening to or watching the buildup there was one consistent theme from the authorities prior to the expected devastation: the warning that they had a short window of opportunity to prepare themselves.
Mary and I have received a top class ministry education in the years we have been in the USA. Now we have an opportunity to pass this on and train and disciple others in our homeland and our home continent. We plan to minister as long as the Lord enables us, but our prime years are now and the opportunity is now. We are grateful that the Lord has seasoned us over the years as we have learned to walk by faith alongside our faithful Lord and feel this experience will help us to minister even more effectively.
And we are inviting you to walk alongside us as ministry partners. I (James) will be a professor at the International Leadership University (ILU-Kenya) and Mary will be teaching too. ILU’s vision is to become “a world-class university for advancing biblical values through academic excellence and transformational leadership.” The mission of the University is “to educate and train Christ-like visionary leaders to spearhead holistic transformation in Africa and the world.” You can read more about it here.

Kenya is our home and will also be our home base. But our students will come from many different counties in Africa. ILU has seven branches in Africa but Kenya is the most established. The Governing Council of ILU Kenya has invited me to serve at ILU-Kenya and wants us to arrive as soon as possible. Thankfully, people just like you are bringing us closer every day to that reality. We are getting closer but have not yet raised the level of support needed in order to serve.
We covet your prayers for Africa as a continent, for ILU as an institution and for ourselves as we move closer to launching. Could the Lord be leading you to become a Missionary Partner (MP) with us today? We hope so and we pray for God’s richest blessings to be on you, your families and your local church.
Here is where you can make your support pledge today.

With love and appreciation,
James and Mary Ndungu — (214) 335-2118 (James) — (817) 733-6735 (Mary)