It is hard for us to grasp how large some things are. Take the universe for starters. 1 light year = 186000 x 60 x 60 x 24 x 365 = 5,865,696,000,000 miles or 5.8 billion miles (give or take). And people talk about millions of light years – the distance light travels in one second! How do we get our arms around that?

Then there is the population of the world. Check out this site and watch the number of people being born just today (338K at 9 pm on 7/11/17). And then the number dying just today (198K at the same time). Making the current world population a staggering 7.5 Billion and growing at what looks like 3 people every second.

Here are the numbers for Africa – the world’s second most populous continent. 1.2+ billion and growing a 1 every second!

Here is Kenya.

Below you can see the overwhelming growth of believers in Africa. From 1.4% of those calling themselves Chrstians in 1910 to 23.6% just 100 years later. God has definitely been at work in Africa. If you are interested in more details click here.

Regional Distribution of Christians

If the Lord doesn’t return by year 2050 it is projected there will be 1.2 billion believers in Africa by year 2050! Currently the total head count in the USA is 326+ million and we are not a nation full of evangelical believers. Even if we say there are 100 million believers in the USA that is still less than 10% of the number of believers who will be alive in Africa in 2050.

Talk about grasping how large some things are. How about the task of growing leaders and maturing believers for the glory of God in Africa right now. Kind of overwhelming.

But God has called us (James and Mary) to such a work in Africa. We would be honored if the Lord leads you to partner with us in this vital ministry.

To partner with us today in reaching Africa for Christ through the ministry of training and discipleship, give a gift.

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